Jimmy John's locations in Houston

Jimmy John's Jimmy John's is a popular sandwich shop and food delivery service located in Houston. The restaurant prides itself on its casual attire, culinary team of JJ Rockstars, and specialties in dinner and lunch catering. Jimmy John's also offers delivery services for customers looking to enjoy their Sandwich of Sandwiches℠ from the comfort of their own home.

What people say

Online reviews and comments have become an integral part of the modern consumer experience. With the increasing popularity of online platforms such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and social media, consumers are able to easily voice their opinions about their experiences with different brands and businesses. One of the popular chains that have been under the scrutiny of online reviews is Jimmy John's in the city of Houston.

Jimmy John's is a popular sandwich chain that has over 2,800 locations across the United States. The brand has gained a loyal following due to its fresh ingredients, fast service, and convenient delivery options. However, like any other business, Jimmy John's has received its fair share of both positive and negative reviews.

The online reviews for Jimmy John's in Houston are a mixed bag. While some customers rave about the quality of the sandwiches and the fast delivery times, others complain about the service and the overall experience. Some customers have reported issues with their orders being delivered incorrectly or late, while others have expressed concerns about the cleanliness of certain locations.

One common complaint among customers is the lack of variety in menu options at some locations. Some customers have stated that they find themselves ordering the same sandwich every time they visit because there are not enough options to choose from. Others have expressed dissatisfaction with the price point of Jimmy John's sandwiches.

Despite some negative feedback, there are still plenty of fans of Jimmy John's in Houston. Many customers report that they love the convenience that comes with ordering online or through the mobile app. Others have praised the chain for consistently providing fresh and tasty sandwiches.

In response to some of the negative feedback, Jimmy John's has implemented changes to improve customer satisfaction. For example, they now offer a rewards program to incentivize repeat business and have streamlined their ordering process to reduce errors.

Overall, online reviews and comments provide valuable insights for both businesses and consumers. By paying attention to customer feedback, brands like Jimmy John's can make improvements to their products and services, while consumers can make informed decisions about where to spend their money. While there may be some negative comments about Jimmy John's in Houston, it's clear that many people still love the brand and continue to enjoy their sandwiches.



6325 Garth Road Closing at 22:00

Deer Park

8015 Spencer Highway Closing at 22:00

Eldridge / West Oaks

1120 Eldridge Pkwy Closing at 20:00

Fairbanks / Northwest Crossing

5101 Bingle Road Closing at 21:00


102-B Kempner Street Closing at 22:00

Greenway / Upper Kirby Area

3231 Southwest Freeway Closing at 20:00


9490 FM 1960 Bypass Rd West Closing at 21:00

Kingwood Area

24510 Eastex Freeway Closing at 21:00
4521 Kingwood Drive Closing at 21:00

Lake Jackson

200 West Highway 332 Closing at 21:00


1508 Research Forest Drive Closing at 21:00


3623 S Main Street Closing at 22:00

Sugar Land

2276 Lone Star Drive Closing at 21:00

The Woodlands

3707 College Park Drive Closing at 21:00

University Place

2401 W. Holcombe Boulevard Closing at 22:00


Fm 1488 Road Closing at 21:00
Harney Road Closing at 21:00
Louetta Road Closing at 21:00
Mason Road Closing at 21:00
North Sam Houston Pkwy E Closing at 21:00
Sawdust Road Closing at 21:00
Spring Cypress Road Closing at 20:00

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    just can’t stop thinking about the new Firecracker Wrap 🥵

    just can’t stop thinking about the new Firecracker Wrap 🥵




    explain what you do in 4 words or less. i’ll go first:

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    i swear there’s no right answer 😏


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